Let’s Get to know eachother!

My name is Janice Joostema (pronounced "Yo-Stem-Ah"); I was born and raised in Vancouver B.C Canada. I was born in 1995, of Fijian and Dutch decent.  I grew up acting and modelling, just like my father did when he was younger.  After modelling for a few years and living in Asia, I really found a true love for fashion design and I decided this was something that I wanted to follow and pursue.

After attending school for Fashion design I have found my niche and fell in love with blogging. I fell in love with sharing everything that I love with others who have the same love for everything stylish and beautiful.

The purpose of this site is for everyone who is interested in following my journey in design and blogging. I will be sharing my personal style, beauty tips, makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, delicious cuisine and my travels.  I would also love to communicate with everyone and hear your stories.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I am looking forward to taking you on this adventure with me. 

Much love! xx - Janice Joostema