Let's talk about skin!

Of course I love accentuating my face with makeup and getting all dolled up but first and foremost, having a proper skincare regimen and proper diet consisting of lots of water makes all the difference.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to having healthy skin. It really does start from the inside. 


Having a great dermatologist is also great for when you have blemishes you're unsure of.

I recently have found an amazing dermatologist here in Vancouver so I thought I would share some tips and information I surprisingly didn't know and maybe if you also did not know these certain tips, you will learn a few that work for you.


1. We were always told this growing up, but now that I have had an experience with skin/acne blemishes and being left with a tiny scar from popping them.. I will now tell you, please don't pop them yourself, it's best to use a sanitized little needle point to poke it and get the bacteria out of the pimple and avoid spreading that one pimple into several or making that pimple bigger and sore. 

2. When I would exfoliate my skin, I did not know that I had to keep massaging it until the exfoliant becomes hard to massage. I used to exfoliate and massage for a minute and then wash it off right away. 

Instead, exfoliate while deep massaging in circular motions (especially on affected areas) until you can't anymore and then lay a hot towel (not too hot! Ouch!) on your face and gently wipe it off. 

And don't forget to exfoliate your neck!


3. When choosing a good dermatologist, look for someone informative, professional, and try to stay away from gimmicky spas and medical skin care offices. For your best skin, be aware of professionalism. 


4. How many hours of sleep do you get in a night? 

Sleep is very important as a lack of it can cause tired, dehydrated, puffy eyes. 

Also, make sure your bed sheets and pillow cases are washed weekly as germs do live there. Just think of it this way, you have your face smushed into a pillow for 8 hours everyday and that really affects your skin. 

Side note: if you like lavender, add a little pouch of lavender under your pillow as it's very soothing and a relaxant. 


5. Before applying makeup, always, always prep your skin. Prepping my skin is my favourite part of my 'getting ready' routine as I find it very relaxing and it's good to always treat your skin before cutting off its air supply lol! 


These little tips can lead you into a better life for your skin. 

Here are some of my favourite products, some I use daily, some I use weekly and I'm now seeing a dermatologist once a month to ensure I have healthy skin and understand my skin as new cells are always created. 

These are my daily skin care products, minus the exfoliator. I now exfoliate my skin twice a week. 

First, I use the Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser to clean away all that makeup, I always do it twice to make sure all the dirt and makeup is completely washed off.

Second, I take a cotton ball and squeeze a generous amount of Rare Earth Pure Refining Tonic which helps for blemishes to dry them out. 

Third, I gently lather the Kiehls Creamy eye treatment with avocado under my eyes and a little on my eyelids and blend out. It also makes your eyes look more awake I've noticed.


 I apply the La Mer Moisturizing Cream in the mornings after I wash my face with the Blue Gel cleanser and toner. 

I use a pea size amount and massage it into my t-zone as that it the driest part of my face for me. Keep in mind there are lots of great moisturizers out there and this is not something you need. This was definitely a very exciting purchase for me as La Mer is a luxurious treat I get for myself and I love the products!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks and skin care routine products ! If you have favourites that you use for your routine, tweet me @JoostemaJanice, I would love to hear about more amazing products ! 

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