If you live or know about Vancouver B.C, then you obviously know it is Rain City !

The only time it's not raining here is between the end of May until early September and that's because it becomes the scorch. 

This week I have been blogging a lot more, I have completely come up with my own unique aesthetic for my social media and blog. 


A normal day for me these days is:

I start my day and wake up at 9, have a big mug of tropical açai green tea, take my vitamins (gotta keep healthy) and make myself a yummy omelette or poached eggs with hashbrowns and toast.

Then I start getting ready for the day, for my daily makeup it only takes me about 10-15 minutes.

Usually I am blogging and taking photos in beautiful outfits I will put together or I'll be shooting product. 

Right now I am still working on making our house beautiful and have been doing tons of big and small projects around the house. 

When I have finished taking photos, I edit them all on my laptop, put them onto my phone, and then post it up on here, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

I've also been recently studying and reading about modern art and architecture. Currently reading The Architecture of Happiness by Alain Botton and been looking through numerous old Vogues for future inspiration.

But back to this outfit, this is something I wear to feel cute in the rain, because realistically what is more cute than a girl with a wet faux fur coat on? Am I right. I love it though, this coat was from H&M, I got it quite awhile back. You can find the exact same one at www.WantMyLook.com.  And of course I have a Celine addiction, Celine Sunnies and Celine Luggage Phantom with mauve coloured pointed toe Zara flats. 




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