Spring Baby

As Spring begins approaching (extremely slowly) I am starting my Spring/Summer clothing haul.

I have been blogging quite a lot lately as I am just super inspired by so many old magazines and reading about the upcoming fashion trends and colour schemes. I also have a lot of exciting projects coming up this month as well as my Birthday on the 15th. I am having troubles deciding where to escape to for my 21st Birthday, I have friends saying we should all go to LA but my heart is screaming at me to head to Bali or enjoy a Euro trip. I have been stuck here in Vancouver since December and have been just doing my thing and relaxing but I'm missing the hype and fun of being away so I think its finally time to run away from these home renovations and enjoy myself. I will decide next week where we will be going and then I will share with you, maybe I'll be in your city ;)

Happy March 1st, and Happy Birthday to all my fellow Pisceans this month! 

Janice JoostemaComment