Spring Makeup Tutorial at The Float

Yesterday we had the pleasure of getting to shoot at a hidden gem in Vancouver, called Float. It seems to be very popular as I asked a couple of my friends and they all love it, I have yet to try it but I am going tomorrow so I am very excited. 

What it is, is a huge pod like hot tub but the water has so much salt and minerals in it that you just float, just think of the Dead Sea.. It's like that.

So my friend found this place and said that we must shoot my first Makeup tutorial here (not telling what kind of tutorial it is just yet). As soon as I saw the place, I fell in love! 

It has a very serene and spa like feel to it which is my style for sure. But I am just so so so excited to share my makeup tutorial with you guys, the lighting and everything was beautiful and I couldn't be happier ! 

Here are some sneak peak shots of the shoot, and start letting me know what kind of YouTube videos YOU want to see me film! 

Ciao Friends. xxoxoxoxo


Love, JJ 

Janice JoostemaComment