Major Life Update


Hi guys, it has definitely been some time. I feel like 2018 is so far one of the hardest year's I have had in a very long time. I will keep it somewhat short and sweet, but as some of you may know, on March 12th our babygirl Mia passed away and it was one of the hardest things we have ever had to go through. Our poor girl's health declined everyday for a week until the seventh day where we could not watch her suffer anymore. Mia's kidneys failed early in that week and her bladder would not filter her urine anymore and she would constantly be peeing as she had no control anymore. She started having seizures on the sixth day and it was excruciating to watch as it excelled and started happening every hour so we immediately made the call for the vet to come the next morning. On the sixth day, we took Mia to the park, we gave her yummy McDonalds burgers and had a relaxing yet emotional picnic with her. We then had all of our family and friends come and visit to spend the last night with her as she really made an impact on so many lives with her sweet soul and cuddly personality.  The next morning, at 10:15 am we held Mia as she got the injection. She was so peaceful, she was locked onto our gaze as I felt her last breath on my face. It was the hardest thing to see her laying there lifeless and have to pick her body up off the floor and carry her to the vet's car which would be the last time we see our angel in her physical form. Our hearts still ache and we still have very hard days without her and to be honest, when pets pass away, nothing can really fill that hole and you don't really ever get over it.

Since then, we have been trying to heal our hearts and keep working hard and of course spoil Bella. In the beginning it really affected Bella as she would always look for Mia and miss her cuddles and silliness but since then she has grown a new a new personality it seems like and is very silly and bubbly. On this journey of healing, Mother's day approached and something that was somewhat anticipated as some people sadly do not change happened. Long story short, my mother who think she has not done anything wrong in her life was arrested for assaulting many people including a police officer. I have a younger sister who is 12, who is now in my care and is my responsibility. So now this is an opportunity to get her grades up and learn more, be in a safe environment and make new friends. But it just baffles me how there are so many adults out there who do not take responsibility for their actions. A lot of people battle addictions and mental illness but I only hope that my mother and other parents who deal with these things can understand they have a problem and get the help they need or the medication they need to live a healthy lifestyle and be able to be there for their children. 

Also, I firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child so any advice while I raise my sister would help a lot. She is a great kid though, I think she really just needed structure, proper scheduling and routines. So chore plans for kids would be great, rules you guys have in your household, dinner recipes and just anything you can think of!

Thank you guys, I know I have been kind of on and off social media but life happens sometimes so I really appreciate how much support I get from you guys!