I have said so many times that I would stay present and active on my blog and on my youtube.. I wish that I could. These past two years have just been my lowest in a very long time. From the passing of Mia, raising Halle, cutting off my toxic family on my mother’s side to just trying to stay happy and productive. I have been suffering from extreme depression since last year which has been agonizing for me and my family and close friends. I have shared some of this on my Instagram but I have been staying fairly quiet on everything because it is just embarrassing for me, which it shouldn’t be in the first place.

I have spent the year working on so much behind closed doors without sharing because I have grown super scared of everything and everybody. I used to be so happy and voice my ambitions and dreams which I just don’t know how to do anymore. If anyone else has been through this random long lasting depression, please let me know how you got over it or if you still get stuck in that hard head space.

I am looking into getting a therapist to speak with and try to stay active on social media but if I am not active, you know why.

But thank you guys for sticking through and sending me so many kind messages. I don’t know what I would do without my supportive audience. You guys really have amazing advice and stories and I value them and what you have to say with all my heart!


Janice Joostema

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