Nude Autumn Attire in Soho NYC


November 1st 2016

Currently having a pumpkin spice latte with coconut milk and cinnamon while trying to keep warm during this beautiful yet cold New York day.

I have been staying on the Upper East Side and was staying in Sixty Soho on my first day here for the Dior, Art of color event. I have been having a great time and because I am only here for a week, I made sure I got as much done as possible and shot as much as I could, which was everyday (as usual :)

Today was extremely cold while Mónica and I were shooting but it was such a blast and she is extremely talented and sweet! I decided to pair my Kyna Collection White tie up trousers with a bell sleeved top from Nordstrom and my Are You Am I Bra Top which is amazing quality and is the most gorgeous silk colour I've seen yet. The price may be higher, but its worth every single penny as Rumi only creates absolute perfection. And because it is freezing cold in New York, it's the best time to invest in beautiful warm coats as they truly wont let you down, I am wearing my favourite coat from THP Shop.  (which is also a great price for how amazing the quality and style is.)

My handbag is from Chloé and it's truly an amazing everyday type of handbag so I am very happy with it as I use it very frequently and it matches every outfit especially because I tend to dress in nudes, whites, blush and black most of the time.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will put details below so you can shop the look :)

Love, Janice

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