Holiday Gift Ideas

November 18 2016

As the holiday's approach, I am starting my Christmas shopping, and to be quite frank, it is much better to start early as it really becomes stressful when it's last minute (Which I have done in the past quite a bit).

Get it done early and with a budget, unless you're very wealthy, then go nuts and I am jealous. But this is a somewhat "On a Budget Holiday gift Ideas" post so here it is babes! And these are products I have personally chosen because I have seen them in person, smelled them, used them and some are just cuter variations of items I currently own and also wallet friendly which is always wonderful.

I also hope these help you because it truly is difficult shopping for others so these gifts will make anyone happy, I know it would definitely make James and I very happy to receive any of these wrapped up under the tree... or a Rolex ;) hehe

Love you guys, thank you for reading! Now get shopping so you don't go crazy the day before that family Christmas get together !! like me.