Textures and Neutrals on a cold day


Bonjour mes amis. Might I say, it is a lovely day today here in Vancouver. I spent an hour and a half of my morning doing stretches, cardio and ab excercises. I also spent 15 minutes on my thighs because I am on a mission!

On beautiful days like today I get to do some things I like such as some grocery shopping, got myself some fresh roses, picked up all the foods that are apart of my new healthy diet, and walking around the city and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the people around me while cars fly past and steam rises from the sewers into the chilly air while the sun shines through the buildings. These are some of my favourite things.

For my outfit today, I decided to layer textures. I threw on and tied up a fluffy backless top from Majorelle with a long silk slip dress from Sisters The Label on top. I accessorized with Celine Shadow sunglasses, my new Celine classic box bag and Adidas superstar sneakers.

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Love, Janice J

Janice Joostema1 Comment