Valentines Gift Guide

Oh beautiful Thursday, we are so close to the weekend! We are also approaching Valentines Day and whether you are in love or single and loving life, you can have a fun Valentines and you can either gift your loved one or gift yourself, or both.

So to find a gift or even find inspiration for a gift you want to get yourself or your loved one, I made a gift guide for both him and her!

Also, for my single ladies and gents, here is how you can celebrate and enjoy Valentines Day blues! [Scroll below]



How to survive Valentines Day!

  1. Treat yourself because YOU DESERVE IT. Not just for Valentines but I always try to pamper myself at least once a week. I have a nice lavender epsom bath, light some yummy candles, get your skin glowing with my favourite Dior plumping face mask and lip sugar scrub

  2. Watch your fave chick flicks, this is the best time to hang out in your skivvies and have a good laugh about ex boyfriends and cry with your girls.
  3. Wine or Icecream? or both?  if you are a wine connoisseur like me or just simply want to get a buzz on, wine is your best friend. If you are underaged, get a huge tub of maple walnut icecream or salted caramel and tons of chocolate and pizza!
  4. Give your girlfriends Valentines Day cards, nothing says love like the girls who are always by your side through the hard breakups, the party nights and family drama. Your best friends are always there so make sure you let them know how much you love them!
  5. Go dancing with the girls! Plan out your Valentines night and hit the club for a night of dancing, drinks and telling all the guys who hit on you that "yes, I am indeed a lesbian" to shoo all the boys away and get a good giggle. It will be Wednesday, but I kid you not, the club will be bumpin'. 
  6. OR, as I once did and actually loved, I was in highschool, just went through a break up, had a delicious dinner to myself, caramelized banana with ice cream, watched Titanic by myself and cried when Jack died and went to sleep. It was actually relaxing and amazing!